Special Event for Sunday 28th April 2024

It's the first weekend of our Festival of Steam this weekend featuring recreated GWR Saint class locomotive 2999 "Lady of Legend" and GWR Hall class locomotive 4953 Pitchford Hall.



An intensive all steam hauled train service will operate, with visiting guest locomotives working some trains. You can find a copy of the train timetable on our event page.



Vintage London buses will be operating to provide connections to Epping Underground and Shenfield stations. You can find a copy of the bus timetable on our event page.


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Why not break your journey at Ongar and visit the Penny Salon Gallery on the station, or spend time exploring the historic town which is just a short walk from the station?

There is further Information for your visit, some suggested itineraries and a description of the journey along our branch line.

2999 Lady of Legend 4953 Pitchford Hall


Special fares apply today. See the event page for details.

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