Hawthorn Leslie number 3837

Hawthorn Leslie locomotive 3837

A similar locomotive to Isabel, 3837 is the works number for this Hawthorn Leslie 0-6-0 saddle tank locomotive built in 1934 in Tyneside for Corby Iron and Steel works. She was given the running number of 16 and worked there until 1969. 

At the time 3837 was considered to be one of the most powerful engines of this kind and much of the work involved conveying slag and completed goods to and from the furnaces, the tip or the exchange sidings for onward movement.

On arrival at Stewarts and Lloyds steelworks in Corby she was given the running number of 11 initially but as there was already a locomotive with the fleet number of 11 this was amended to 16. These engines proved to be extremely strong and reliable and were favourites among the enginemen having a relatively large cab. They were regularly used double headed within the vicinity of the steelworks and must have made a very impressive sight. During the late 1960's Stewarts and Lloyds successors acquired new diesel locomotives from British Railways and these useful workhorses began to be withdrawn from service.

The locomotive is currently a long term restoration project. 

Facing: Epping
Current Status: Long Term Restoration