Engineering Vehicles

Permaquip Maintenance Vehicle, PM002 - "Badger"

Built to help with the movement of point motors, Badger is used on minor track inspection and renewals duties. Its low flat-bed makes it ideal for carrying materials (such as sleepers, fishplates and tools) to the various work sites to allow our teams to keep our track in good condition.

Permaquip PM002 - Badger Permaquip PM002 Badger in use

Find out more about the restoration of Badger.


Wickham Trolley DB966033 (DX 68086)

68068 was built at Wickhams of Ware for British Railways’ Sevenoaks depot, and delivered new on 27 November 1975. There are several variations of the basic trolley design, with this example being a Type 18A Mk VI model. They were built to transport line workers to worksites, often accompanied by a trailer that would carry equipment and supplies for the jobs being undertaken.

Wickham Trolley DB966033 Wickham Trolley DB966803

In more recent years, 68068 was resident at the Dartmoor Railway, Oakehampton. However, following the operating company entering administration, the trolley was put up for sale and purchased by a private owner. It moved to North Weald on 15 September 2021 and, following servicing, testing and crew training, will be put to use on permanent way duties. There is a long term plan to carry out some modifications that will also enable it to carry passengers for rides during some special events.