Class 205 Diesel Electric Multiple Unit (

We have one 2-car Diesel Electric Multiple Unit on the railway, a 1957 "Hampshire" Class 205 unit, commonly known as a "Thumper".

These diesel-electric multiple units (DEMU) were once common on many commuter lines and nicknamed "Thumpers" due to the characteristic noise they produce. 

Class 205 Diesel Electric Multiple Unit 205205

205205 is the only unit with a corridor connection, having been experimentally converted and ‘modernised.’ Because of this, it was saved for preservation. Following 47 years of service, 205205 was withdrawn at Selhurst on 23 July 2004; on that day, the unit had worked the 07:26 Uckfield to London Bridge service, terminating at East Croydon. That November, it was hauled to Tonbridge West Yard for store, before continuing to St Leonards in December, for engine repairs. Following a return to Tonbridge in March 2005, it was then sold to the North Yorkshire Moors Railway, though was little used owing to a broken fan clutch. It was sold to the EOR, and arrived in 2009.

205205 in the sidings at North Weald

The unit successfully re-entered service during the 2013 Autumn diesel gala, and was a regular performer on the line for two years, proving popular with families, enthusiasts and even the volunteer crews themselves. At the end of 2016 the unit was sidelined following discovery of an issue with the camshaft. Subsequent repairs saw the unit move under its own power again in late 2019. However, it is currently awaiting bodywork repairs.

You can read a detailed history of 205205.

Status: Serviceable; awaiting bodywork repairs.