British Railways Class 20 D8001 (20001)

Class 20, 20001 D8001 Class 20 20001 D8001

The first 20 Type 1 Bo-Bo 1000 H.P. locomotives arrived at Devons Road engine shed in the East End of London at the end of the 1950's. In the heart of Bow it was a sprawling site and became the country’s first all-diesel depot in 1958. 

We are delighted to welcome green liveried D8001 (20001) 'back home' (well almost within the sound of Bow Bells if the wind is blowing in the right direction). This loco has undergone extensive restoration and an engine overhaul over the past few years and we are very grateful to the Class 20 Locomotive Society for the loan of this iconic locomotive, which celebrated it's 60th birthday in 2017.

Status: Out of traffic undergoing minor overhaul and repaint