Postponement of Mothers Day dining Services18th March 2020

It won’t be a surprise and we share your disappointment but we have decided to postpone the Mother’s Day services planned for this Sunday, 22 March. For the well being of our passengers, volunteers and staff we have concluded that it would have been difficult to meet the most recent government guidance issued to provide social distancing and assist in the reduction of the incidence of Covid-19 in the UK if we ran our Mother’s Day dining services.

Just to reassure you all we have spent days agonising over this decision as we knew it would be disappointing for you all – but in the end it was clear that we needed to take a firm decision.

The situation in relation to the Coronavirus is changing and we now plan to hold the event in July. 

All our pre-booked passengers have been advised of this but if you have not received the email please contact

Steam locomotive Pitchford Hall