EOR to welcome 2999 Lady of Legend for Steam Gala6th December 2023

London’s heritage railway to welcome recreated Saint class locomotive 2999 “Lady of Legend” for its 2024 Steam Gala

The Epping Ongar Railway has announced the first visiting locomotive for its 2024 Steam Gala.

Great Western Railway (GWR) Saint class locomotive, 2999 “Lady of Legend” will star at the event being held from 26 to 28 April. Entering service in 2019, the locomotive has been recreated from a former Hall class locomotive, which themselves were a development of the Saint class, 2999 will provide a suitable contrast to the Railway’s own Hall class locomotive, 4953 Pitchford Hall.

Saint class locomotive 2999 Lady of Legend

The “new” locomotive was named ‘Lady of Legend’ as it evokes the GWR practice of naming early members of the class after mythological or historical ladies.

George Saville, General Manager, said:
“We are honoured to be hosting a visit of this important recreation of our railway history. We are looking forward to comparing Lady of Legend to our own Pitchford Hall”.

Appearing alongside 2999 and 4953 “Pitchford Hall” and working over the Railway’s challenging gradients are expected to be Great Western Prairie locomotive 5521, carrying London Transport maroon livery and the number L150, and Hawthorne Leslie saddle tank 3437 “Isabel”. Further visiting locomotives are to be announced.

The visit of Lady of Legend is courtesy of the Great Western Society at Didcot.

Further details about the Steam Gala can be found by following this link.