Murder, Mystery and Intrigue21 September


Morse or Miss Marple could do it. Can you? 

Why not join us for an evening of murder, mystery and mayhem as our professional actors from The Company Upfront present a new plot for 2019.

We take you on a leisurely tour of the entire line from Epping Forest to Ongar whilst you enjoy a meal as you question possible culprits! Please feel free to 'dress to impress' - the possibilities for some serious dressing up are endless.

A Timetable to Murder

A Timetable to Murder

The year is 1955 and having received an unexpected invitation along with pre-paid tickets, a selected group of family members have been requested to meet Great Aunt Agatha at the local railway station where they will be taken on a mystery journey which all will all remember for a lifetime.

The question is whose lifetime will only last a few more hours? Who’s going to commit the dastardly deed?

And how will they do it!!!?

The event starts at North Weald from 6.30 pm where you are invited to join our cast of characters for a complementary aperitif around the station and platform areas. At around 7pm you are asked to join the characters and the murder will take place. The train will then be ready to board, you will find your reserved seats on the train and your starter will be waiting ready for you to eat. Your detective packs will be set out at your tables too. Drinks during your journey are served from our onboard Flag & Whistle Bar. 

The train leaves for Epping Forest at 7.30pm prompt. Main courses are served during a longer stop at Ongar Station from 8.15pm. During the evening the characters will make their way through the train and offer opportunities for questioning and cross-examinination. From the information and mis-information they give you - are the people on your table smart enough to solve the crime. There's only one way to find out! The winning party will receive a bottle of wine!


The menu is as below. We can take account of any dietary requirements so long as you let us know.


All seats are reserved on this train and come in groups of 4. We won't split up a group that is 4 or fewer people, but the layout of train means that it is inevitable that a group of 5, 6 or more cannot sit at the same table. In some instances you may need to share your table with people from a different party. If you would like to sit with a group that has made a booking under a different name then please send an email to


Fares for this year are £65 per person. Just to remind you, this includes:

We think it all adds up to a fantastic night out!

Looking to book a large group? Let us know - we can reserve space for you all to sit close together and in some cases can offer a small discount. Drop us an email to to enquire. 

Sorry. This train has sold out. 

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