Santa Specials - Additional Information

Santa's special Train at North Weald

The experience starts with a journey on one of our vintage London buses from Epping or Ongar.

You must travel on the date and time booked, and you must sit in the compartment or seating area reserved and noted on your ticket. Don't forget to allow time to park before you catch the bus service from Epping or Ongar! Should you miss your booked time we will do our best to accommodate you at a different time on the same day, though as we expect most trains to be at capacity this is not guaranteed. We do not provide refunds if you miss your booked time and cannot be re-accommodated.

There is no public car parking at North Weald or Ongar stations.



Can I get off the train during the journey?

Passengers should remain on the train throughout the journey so that Santa has the opportunity to see all the good children. There are no toilets on the train so in an emergency you can use the toilet at Ongar but do make sure you don't miss Santa's visit. The train journey lasts approximately 70 minutes.

If you started the experience at Ongar, you may leave the train here, once you have had a visit from Santa. If you wish to do so, you will not be able to return to North Weald on a later train. 

Buggies and Pushchairs

Please leave pushchairs and buggies in your car or at home if you can. Our traditional vintage London buses do not have dedicated spaces for pushchairs and buggies, and thse must be folded on the bus. There is limited space for buggies and pushchairs on the train. Please only bring them if absolutely necessary. We may refuse to accept your pushchair on the train at our discretion, however you will be able to leave it at North Weald until you return. 

Toilets and nappy changing facilities

There are no toilets on the train. There are toilet facilities at North Weald station. In an emergency you will be able to use the toilet at Ongar but be sure that you don’t miss Santa! Nappy changing facilities are available at North Weald and in the ladies toilet at Ongar. There are limited toilet facilities at Epping Uunderground station. 

Disabled Access

We regret that we are unable to accomodate wheelchairs onboard Santa's special train or on our vintage London buses, but do check with our Santa Specials team and we can advise the best compartments or family space to book that will allow a person to be assisted to a suitable seat. Whilst there is level access at North Weald there will be a small step up into the train. If you have any special accessibility requirements please contact us.


We are unable to accommodate dogs, except assistance dogs, onboard the train. 

Terms and Conditions for Santa's Special Trains

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