Epping Ongar Lights ExpressVarious dates November 2023 to January 2024


Completely new and re-imagined; a magical experience is coming to the Epping Ongar Railway in 2023! 

An interactive journey for the whole family like never before! 

  • Featuring "Voiceover Man" (as heard on Britain's Got Talent and X-Factor)
  • Stunning neon views
  • A fully immersive lightshow to music
  • Interactive LED wristbands
  • Sound to light fun for the whole family to get you in the party spirit

Epping Ongar Lights Express Epping Ongar Lights Express interior

The Epping Ongar Lights Express is an incredible light show on and in a steam train, consisting of thousands of coloured LED lights and LED wristbands, creating a kaleidoscope of different colours and flashing patterns. The train looks amazing, inside and out!

Join the festive action on board and get in the party mood with a festive DJ mix of music the whole family will love. Each passenger will receive their own interactive LED wristband which is synchronised to the music, meaning you become part of the show!

Sing, dance and cheer on this magical journey, hosted by the legendary Voiceover Man - laugh with him (or at him!) and compete against each other in his on board game! 

The Epping Ongar Lights Express departs from Ongar station.

Synchronised Wristbands

Please note that Santa will not be appearing for these trains as he, and the elves, will be busy wrapping presents. If you wish to see Santa at the Epping Ongar Railway, follow the link for details of our series of Santa Special Trains.



Hot and cold light refreshments, including a selection of bottled alcoholic drinks, will be available to purchase before boarding the train. 

Why not treat yourself to a delicious hot chocolate while you wait? 


Check out the promotional video




Tickets are just £20 per person inclusive of train travel. 

We can also offer exclusive use of a compartment, at £120 for up to 6 people, or £160 for up to 8 people. 


Additional information, and terms and conditions of booking, including our refund policy, can be found here

CAUTION: The show features flashing lights so may not be suitable for people with certain medical conditions.

The Epping Ongar Lights Express

Getting to Ongar station

The Epping Ongar Lights Express service runs to and from Ongar station. The Lights Express experience lasts approximately 90 minutes. You will not be able to join the Epping Ongar Lights Express service at North Weald as the train will not stop there. There is no parking at Ongar station. There are a number of car parks a 5 minute walk from the station. Please navigate to CM5 9AB. You can find details more details about parking at Ongar by following this link

Our heritage bus service will not be running in conjunction with this event. 

Current Availability

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