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Our volunteers don't just provide the operational staff. There is lots of maintenance and restoration activity also taking place. This is where you can find out about the various things our departments get up on and around the railway. If this has inspired you to join us, then you can find further details here.

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Santa Special Reflections

31st January 2018

Firstly we owe our regular readers an apology for the recent loss of the Department diary section. You may have noticed our shiny new state of the art web site. It all looked good and mostly worked without a hitch but as with so many new things, when in use a few spanners were found still ...

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The life and times of Badger

24th January 2018

Chris Travers writes... When I was a young train driver, I remember the emergence of strange little ‘on track machines’. These little yellow beasts, sometimes with a trolley attached for small ballast jobs, or may be the type for overhead wiring work with a scissors lift, ...

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Diesel Update - November 2017

30th November 2017

North Weald - the New Stratford Depot? The other day I was looking around North Weald depot and station. Stabled there were a class 37, 20 and 31 locomotives, two class 03 locomitives and a two-car diesel multiple unit. In the shed was a class 47 locomotive and another railcar coach. Just ...

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