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Hunslet Austerity 3883 "Lord Phil"

Picture: Tony Goulding and Epping Ongar Railway

 Lord Phil on test Blake Hall

"Lord Phil" is one of a large type of 485 Austerity locomotives, built mainly for military or industrial use. The locomotive was originally built as Hunslet 2868 in 1944 for the War Department (numbered 75019 and WD168) and as such was one of the first of the class to be built.  In 1962 it was given a new lease of life and rebuilt as Hunslet 3883 as a trial for the Hunslet underfeed stoker and gas producer combustion system.  The locomotive was also used for dynamometer car trials at Kingham in April 1963. The equipment was removed before preservation. Some of this type of locomotive, though not this example, were purchased by the London North Eastern Railway, as their class J94. 

There is a local connection with this type of locomotive as several of the ones built for the Army worked in the London area and especally Tilbury Docks towards D Day. Eventually there were 11 working there until 1959 and dieselisation. Of the 75 Austerities purchased in the mid 1940s by the LNER. and numbered (6)8006 to (6)8080, into the late 1950s, 4 were allocated to Hornsey Shed (34B) in North London to replace older engines, and worked trip freights into East London including to Poplar Docks.

"Lord Phil" joins us for the remainder of 2018, and possibly beyond. Being more powerful than an LMS "Jinty" or GWR "Pannier" the locomotive should prove more than capable on our peak season trains. 

Metropolitan Railway E Class No.1

Picture: David Lloyd

Metropolitan Number 1

The star of London Underground's 150th Anniversary Steam Specials makes a return visit to this former LU branch line. Scheduled to be with us until late 2018, No.1 will share the operation of our steam services during its stay.

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British Railways Class 20 D8001

Picture: Katie Pickersgill

The first 20 Type 1 Bo-Bo 1000 H.P. locomotives arrived at Devons Road engine shed in the East End of London at the end of the 1950's. In the heart of Bow it was a sprawling site and became the country’s first all-diesel depot in 1958. 

We are delighted to welcome green liveried D8001 (20001) 'back home' (well almost within the sound of Bow Bells if the wind is blowing in the right direction). This loco has undergone extensive restoration and an engine overhaul over the past few years and we are very grateful to the Class 20 Locomotive Society for the loan of this iconic locomotive, which celebrated it's 60th birthday in 2017.

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